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Heater Installation

Eco Electric & Plumbing Offers Professional Heater Installation Services For Homeowners in Seattle and The Surrounding Areas.

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Trusted Heater Installation

For professional heater installation in the greater Seattle area, connect with Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing by calling (206) 970-1031!

Has your furnace or heat pump reached the end of its lifespan? Or do you need to install a heating system in a new build? Heater installation doesn’t need to be a hassle. With Eco Electric & Plumbing, you enjoy a stress-free installation process and a new system that keeps your home warm and comfortable. 

Why You Might Need To Install a New Heating System?

There are multiple reasons why Washington State homeowners would want to install a new heater for their home. You might want to consider installing a new heating unit in your HVAC system if:

  • Your heater is broken and irreparably damaged beyond saving.
  • The current heater is failing to warm up your home’s indoor air temperature.
  • You’re interested in boosting your home’s property value on the market.
  • The existing heater is failing to keep up with ideal energy efficiency standards.
  • You want a new heating system with a new fuel source or energy type.
  • Your current heater is aging and nearing the end of its life expectancy.

You should also consider contacting our HVAC company about emergency heating services if a leak emerges in your heater. Heater leaks can emit potentially life-threatening and deadly carbon monoxide, and shouldn’t go unattended. If the damage is beyond the point of repair, then an emergency heater installation is most likely in order.

Generally speaking, routine maintenance is the best way to mitigate the risk of an emergency scenario and extend your heater’s lifespan. But if no amount of maintenance or repairs is enough to mitigate any performance issues with your heater, then it might be time to schedule an installation of a new unit. 

What Heat Pump or Furnace Installation Entails

Installing a new furnace in your home is an intricate, multi-step understanding. That’s why heater installation is best handled by a professional team of experts who can ease the stress of the process.

The steps involved in heater installation will greatly vary depending on the heater you want installed. Air source heat pumps will require the installation of an indoor unit, for instance. But ground source heat pumps, by contrast, will require the installation of underground loops.

There is no one-size-fits-all DIY guide that will make heater installation any less intricate. But when you work with professional HVAC contractors like Electric Heating & Plumbing, you can hand over that intricate process to seasoned pros. 

Consider Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing for Your Seattle Installation and Repair Services!

At Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing, we specialize in installing a wide range of heating systems in Seattle homes. Our installation services include:

  • Heat Pump Installation: Pumps are a great, energy-efficient way to heat and cool your property.
  • Furnace Installation: Propane, gas, and electric furnaces will all be effective at warming your home.
  • Boiler Installation: Plumbing can be a lot to handle with boilers, which is why you’ll want a lot of helping hands!
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation: Ductwork or no ductwork, we’ll take the stress out of installing your new system!

We also offer a host of other HVAC services, including repairs and maintenance of all systems. 

Contact Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing Today!

Do you need a new heater installation in your Seattle home? Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing can help you alleviate costs, stress, and safety concerns associated with the heater installation process!

To schedule service or request an estimate, connect with a member of our team today by calling (206) 970-1031!

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is it easy to install a heater?

Installing a heater isn’t easy unless you have professional training and experience. That’s why you should never attempt a DIY heater installation — instead, leave the process in the hands of our licensed HVAC contractors. 

2. How much does it cost to install an electric heater?

There are multiple costs associated with electric heater installation, and your total bill can vary greatly. We’d be happy to provide a heater installation quote so you know exactly what you can expect to pay for our services. We take pride in delivering affordable yet reliable installation services for Seattle homeowners. 

3. What are the benefits of professional furnace installation?

Professional furnace installation ensures the longevity, durability, and safety of your new heater. It also keeps the system warranty intact. For professional, trustworthy heater installation in the greater Seattle area, contact Eco Electric Heating & Plumbing today. 

Need service or repair? We’re already on our way! To get started, call our office at (206) 970-1031 or fill out an online service request form.

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