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Eco Electric & Plumbing Offers Professional Air Conditioning Services For Homeowners in Seattle and The Surrounding Areas.

For immediate assistance, please call (206) 970-1031

Top-Tier Air Conditioning Services in Seattle, WA  

Need air conditioning services in the Seattle, WA area? Call Eco Electric & Plumbing at (206) 970-1031 to keep your cooling system running smoothly year-round. 

Seattle generally experiences mild summers compared to many other parts of the United States. However, it can still get hot, especially during heatwaves. At Eco Electric & Plumbing, we work tirelessly to keep our clients cool and comfortable with superior air conditioning solutions.  

Whether you need repair work, routine maintenance, or a completely new system installation, count on us to deliver exceptional results.   

As a locally owned and operated company, we understand the needs of our community and remain committed to providing personalized, reliable services tailored to our clients’ unique demands. Reach out to learn more today.

Symptoms You Need AC Repair  

A cooling system malfunction could leave your home with unbearable heat. Working or sleeping in an uncomfortable house may prove challenging. While not all repair issues may make your home almost uninhabitable, stay alert for the following symptoms of an AC unit in need of repairs:  

  • A sudden spike in energy bills: Air conditioners typically consume a lot of energy. However, a dramatic spike in energy bills points to a struggling unit in need of professional attention.  
  • Water Leaks: Water leaking from your unit may seem minor, but it could indicate a larger issue. Call for help immediately.  
  • Inconsistent temperatures: While upper levels of your home will naturally feel warmer, drastic temperature differences throughout your home indicate an underlying issue. Potential culprits include your filters, ductwork, or vents.  
  • AC unit making unusual noises: Strange sounds often indicate something loose or a compressor working under high pressure, which presents a safety hazard. Shut off your unit and call for help.  
  • Foul odors coming from the unit: Musty smells or other strange odors coming from your AC unit indicate a problem with your cooling system. Turn off the AC unit and seek professional help.  
  • Short cycling: This means your AC unit turns on and off often without running a full cycle. This behavior can stress your unit and lead to more breakdowns. Perhaps you have a clogged air filter, an incorrectly sized unit, or a low refrigerant level.  

Your Trusted Team for Professional Air Conditioning Installation in Seattle  

Has your cooling system reached the end of its service life? Perhaps you need to install a new AC unit for the first time. Whatever the case, call us at Eco Electric & Plumbing for first-rate air condition installation services.   

Count on us to help guide you toward a cooling system that perfectly meets your home’s unique needs and budget. We carry a wide range of cooling and HVAC systems, from centralized air systems and ductless mini splits to portable air conditioners.   

Looking for a room air conditioner instead? We can help with that too. Our AC unit installation services comprise a complete, all-encompassing solution to guarantee that you have a well-fitted, effective cooling system.  

Say Goodbye To Costly Repairs and High Energy Bills With Regular AC Maintenance  

Unfortunately, many people overlook the value of regular AC maintenance. This can lead to costly repairs and even health risks. Schedule routine air conditioning maintenance to enjoy the following benefits:  

  • Improved indoor air quality  
  • Extended AC system lifespan  
  • Enhanced cooling performance  
  • Energy savings  
  • Prevention of costly repairs  
  • Safeguard warranty coverage  

Don’t wait for your cooling system to malfunction to schedule maintenance service. Our experienced crew can catch potential problems early on before they escalate into costly repairs or system failures. We’ll conduct comprehensive checks and tests to ensure your AC unit runs at peak efficiency.  

Whatever your cooling needs, Eco Electric & Plumbing has experts with the know-how to keep your home cool and comfortable. Call us at (206) 970-1031 to schedule service in Seattle, WA, or nearby.  


How does an air conditioner keep a room cool?  

An air conditioner keeps a room cool by using a fan to blow hot indoor air across a cold evaporator coil where the refrigerant absorbs the heat. The AC unit then circulates the cool air throughout the room.  

Can an AC unit also heat a room?  

Air conditioners can heat your room in winter if it has a reverse cycle function or heat pump. This allows it to switch from cooling to heating mode and transfer outdoor air indoors.  

How long do air conditioning units last?  

Air conditioners have varying lifespans depending on the type. Well-maintained portable units last anywhere from five to 10 years. Central air units have a service life of about 10-15 years, while ductless mini-split systems last for about 20 years.  

Need service or repair? We’re already on our way! To get started, call our office at (206) 970-1031 or fill out an online service request form.

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