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Are Your Electrical Panels Obsolete?

At Eco Electric & Plumbing If you own a home built before 1990, chances are you might have an outdated main electric panel in your home. Electrical panels contain either fuses or circuit breakers that trip or shut off the power when too much electricity flows through them. This helps to prevent fires caused by

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Why Should I Get My Electric Panels Inspected?

The number one reason for having your electric panel inspected is for safety. An outdated service panel can be a fire or an electrocution hazard. Of course, older homes are at more risk but even new houses can have electrical issues. Make sure your panel is inspected and up to date. Below are a few

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What Electric Panel is Good For My Home?

One can get lost trying to find the best Panel to use for your home. The truth is that there some great options out there. You want to ask about the construction of the load center (Panel) and its breakers, the expense of the breakers (If that’s a focus point), availability of breakers, and if

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