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Heater Maintenance

Eco Electric & Plumbing Offers Professional Heater Maintenance Services For Homeowners in Seattle and The Surrounding Areas.

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Need Heater Maintenance in the Greater Seattle Area?

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Are you mindful of your heater, and the maintenance it needs? Many homeowners don’t think much about their heater until they go to turn it on for winter and find that it’s not performing at its best. But with routine heater maintenance, you never need to worry about your heater’s performance. 

Our team will be more than happy to assist you with a whole host of maintenance services! It wouldn’t be our first time tuning up a heater, and it’ll be far from our last. We’re here for all greater Seattle homeowners, all year round!

Why Routine Heater Maintenance Is Important

Whether you have an electric or gas furnace, your heater carries many implications for your indoor air quality. Ideally, it’ll work in harmonious synchronicity with your thermostat and air conditioning, no matter if you’re aiming to heat or cool your air. However, inadequate heater maintenance can threaten to disturb the harmony of that synchronous relationship.

Just as your heater can positively impact your indoor air quality when it’s functioning at its absolute best, it can negatively impact your indoor air quality when functioning at its worst. With a lack of adequate care or maintenance, your heater runs the risk of wearing down over time. This damage can result in the leakage of harmful toxins like carbon monoxide.

Heater leaks can emanate deadly, dangerous, hazardous CO spread. These leaks have no smell or sound, making them difficult to detect without an adequate alarm system. Before it gets to that point, it’s crucial to stay on top of annual heater maintenance.

What’s Included in Heater Maintenance Service?

The specific parameters of what’s included in heater maintenance services could greatly vary. Different heaters have different moving parts, so they’ll require different approaches to maintenance. But in the most general terms, each step of maintenance service will involve the following:

  1. Inspecting the blower motor access door and air intake grill for blockages.
  2. Checking the burner, flue, filter, and overall unit for signs of corrosion or damage.
  3. Ensuring there are no issues with the heater’s electrical components.
  4. Testing all safety controls, the system startup cycle, and the thermostat’s calibration.

We will also lubricate and adjust your heater’s components, as needed. After professional service, you can help your heater continue performing well by changing the filters every two months during the winter. By staying on top of maintenance, you can extend your unit’s lifetime, ensure your warranty is protected, and save money on future energy bills or heater repair costs.

Eco Electric & Plumbing Is Here To Serve Seattle Homeowners’ Heaters!

The experienced, trained, and talented technicians from Eco Electric & Plumbing are here to meet any heater needs. Our team has been trusted to perform a comprehensive range of HVAC services in Seattle for many years, and we back all of our services with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. That means that we won’t leave until you’re fully pleased with the result of our services! 

If you’re not sure of the sort of help your heater needs, we can diagnose and directly address any problems from the root! If you’re a Washington State homeowner in need of some heater maintenance service, you can connect with a member of our team by calling (206) 970-1031!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What routine maintenance is required for a furnace?

You should routinely change your filters, clean your burners, check your gas lines, and ensure your CO detectors are working. Furthermore, enlist a professional to inspect every moving part in your heater, and lubricate them as needed.

2. How often does a heater need to be serviced?

To reap the most lifespan and longevity out of your heater unit, heater manufacturers recommend servicing your furnace at least once a year. Even if you aren’t actively experiencing issues, an annual checkup can still help you proactively watch out for emerging issues with your heater.

The wording of most warranties also encourages annual service; you could risk voiding your heater’s warranty if the unit suffers damage due to lack of maintenance.

3. What is done in heater servicing?

Heater maintenance isn’t one cohesive process — rather, it involves multiple processes. Our team will attend to maintenance with a full lineup of service solutions, including inspection, adjustments, lubrication, and cleaning.

We’ll test and tune up every vital component that needs work until you’re satisfied with the result.

Need service or repair? We’re already on our way! To get started, call our office at (206) 970-1031 or fill out an online service request form.

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