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Create Beautiful Spaces

Introducing Ketra Work-from-Home: The newest and most accessible Ketra package yet. Offering personalized light at your command, Ketra is capable of transforming your Work-from-Home office to a space built specially to suit your needs.

The Power to Create and Control Natural Light

Eco Electric offers easy-to-setup Work From Home Kits consisting of Ketra lights that allow you to tune light to be the right light at the right time. Select lamps and retrofits specific to your home, along with a keypad to control your color temperature and intensity. Dynamically produce accurate natural light within your home office that rises and falls with your daily rhythms.  

While competing lights only offer changing color, Ketra allows complete light temperature control – ranging from 1,400K to 10,000K, all at the touch of a button.

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The Right Color, Every Time

While competing LED colors degrade over time, Ketra Color Lock monitors and maintains the color accuracy of each Ketra bulb, insuring a consistent, uniform color each and every time it’s turned on. With a useful life of over 50,000 hours, Ketra bulbs are long lasting solutions with unrivaled light quality – screw it in and forget about replacing it.

Complete Control at the Touch of a Button

With Lutron’s superior light control technology, your space is more flexible than ever before. Shift from work to play with the touch of a button and experience ultimate light flexibility, whether that’s editing a video, cooking a meal, or entertaining guests.

X2 Keypad

ketra x2 keypad


Ketra’s X2 keypad is a specification grade, fully programmable and customizable interface between the Ketra lighting system and its users. With its classic button-style interface and ability to recall stored settings, the X2 makes it easy to control Ketra devices on the control network. X2’s come in two models: a wireless KetraNet Mesh controller and a wireless KetraNet Mesh controller with onboard 600W incandescent dimmer. The latter is ideal for spaces where both Ketra and traditional lighting sources need to be controlled. The X2 is perfect for retrofit installations as well as new construction, fitting within a standard wall box and either Decora® or Claro wall plates.

  • Classic keypad interface for Ketra’s lighting system
  • Multiple layout styles
  • Custom button engraving available
  • KetraNet wireless connection to control network
  • 600W Incandescent Dimmer + KetraNet wireless control version available
  • Black, White, Almond colors

S30 Lamp

ketra s30 lamp


Ketra’s S30 lamp is an all-encompassing LED retrofit solution that can be wirelessly controlled and individually addressable through Ketra’s accompanying software. Title 24 JA8 and Title 20 compliant models are available in the S30’s high-efficacy configurations. The S30 is equipped with Ketra’s full suite of solutions:

  • High Def Palette – covers a wide range of 16.7 million colors, including pastels, saturated colors and high CRI whites spanning from 1,400K to 10,000K.
  • Dynamic Spectrum—precisely tunes the amount of energy across the visible spectrum to produce Natural Light, Natural Dimming and Vibrancy.
  • TruBeam—produces uniform color across any available beam angle.
  • Color Lock—maintains your desired color point at a one step MacAdam Ellipse across all Ketra product families and over each product’s lifetime.

New Control System Available: Ketra’s S30 Lamp is now using Lutron’s Clear Connect Type X wireless technology to fully integrate with Lutron commercial and residential control systems, Athena and HomeWorks.

N4 Hub

ketra n4 hub


Ketra’s N4 Hub forms a bridge between Ketra products and Ketra digital interfaces such as Design Studio, mobile app, and API commands. With multiple N4s, a user can integrate KNets, allowing for seamless installations no matter how large. With an Internet connection, the Hub can connect to Ketra’s cloud servers to enable backup and remote maintenance functions.

  • Enables control by Design Studio, the Ketra app, or API commands
  • Seamless integration between KNets, allowing for installations with 50+ devices (using multiple N4s)
  • Mounting options: tabletop/wall-mounted, conduit-mounted
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