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Green Eco-Friendly Plumbing

Eco Electric and Plumbing is Here For  Your Green Plumbing Needs!

The only thing Eco Electric and Plumbing loves more than the environment is our clients! We happily provide green eco-friendly plumbing solutions to the people of Seattle when they want to improve the environmental-friendliness of their home. As with all of our plumbing services, you can trust us to complete eco-friendly plumbing jobs right the first time and for a competitive price, your wallet is sure to appreciate.

How You Can Make Your Home Plumbing Green

Being nice to the environment is the same as being nice to your own finances. With eco-friendly plumbing solutions delivered by Eco Electric and Plumbing, you can significantly lower how much water you use, reducing that utility bill noticeably. Some systems even help contribute to a lower electric bill, once again giving you the chance to save big each month.

Here are a few green plumbing options that might interest you:

  • Greywater recycling: Probably the most intriguing green plumbing option our Seattle plumbers can talk to you about is greywater recycling systems. Used, “dirty” water collected by certain appliances or drains is redistributed for other purposes, like watering your lawn or garden.
  • Tankless water heatersA typical water heater holds a great amount of water, but it is a waste if you are not using your heater at the time. A tankless water heater only heats and uses water when you switch on your heating system.
  • Low-flush toilets: The average household can save thousands of gallons a year with a low-flush toilet. Modern designs are just as effective as high-flush toilets but use only a fraction of the water each time it flushes.
  • Low-flow showers: Water pressure for your shower is important to keep you clean, but many systems are excessive. A low-flow shower uses roughly half the gallons-per-minute as a typical shower but will still get you squeaky clean.
  • Faucet aerators: Most sinks dump out water rapidly, causing splashing and water waste. A faucet aerator is a simple way to increase water pressure while simultaneously decreasing water usage and splash, ultimately saving water.

While we are discussing new upgrades to improve your home’s eco-friendly plumbing, we can also consider other ways to save water. Through a plumbing inspection, we can look for leaks that might be costing you hundreds each year through a steady drip. You may also be interested in drain and plumbing maintenance to ensure your system is working efficiently. The options go on, and we are the Seattle plumbing team who can deliver them all to you and exactly to your specifications!

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