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Safety Tips For Portable Electric Heaters

Portable heating has been deemed the second leading cause of home fires in the Nation. Roughly 65,000 house fires take place each year which result in property damage, injuries and death. Portable electric heaters are a high yielding wattage appliance with potential to catch fire to nearby materials. Such materials could be bedding, drapes, a couch, clothing etc. Although, electric space heaters can be a great source of heat for your home during the colder months, it can also be potentially dangerous. Safety should always be a main consideration when using an electric space heater.

Here are a few Space Heater tips:

Before Using Your Heater:

  • Visit or to see if your heater has been recalled.
  • Inspect the heater, cord and plug for any damage. Never operate a heater that may be damaged
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and warning labels thoroughly
  • Never run the cord under a rug or carpeting. The cord can get damaged and start a fire.
  • Make sure the power plug fits firmly into the wall receptacle. If not, do not use the outlet. Never use an extension cord or power strip for a portable heater
  • Place space heaters on a level surface. Never place a heater on a table or carpet. It has the potential to overheat and start a fire

During Use:

  • Never leave a space heater unattended and check it frequently. Turn it off when you're done using it or going to sleep. Never pets or children play close to a space heater
  • Keep combustible material such as beds, sofas, curtains, papers, rugs, clothes etc. at least 3 feet from all sides of the heater
  • Keep electric heaters away from water to prevent electric shock

We hope these simple tips will help use you supplemental heating more safely this fall and winter!