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Do You Have The Right Technician?

We all want to believe that when we call a technician to do a job, they will be top notch. The characteristics we look for are; being knowledgeable of the issues at hand, giving a fair price for the work, caring for our home and being able to communicate or answer or questions properly. All too often we may be left with only a couple of these characteristics and sometimes none at all. Just because you are in need does not mean that you cannot be choosy. Below are some traits to look for in a good technician.

Does The Tech Care For Your Home

One of the things you can notice right away is if the technician will remove their shoes or use job socks over their shoes before entering your home. This may seem trivial but it’s a good indicator that the technician really cares. Another thing to look for is if the tech asks your permission to enter your home, to inspect the problem. Yea, it may be a no brainer, you called him right? But the simplicity of having manners is a professional trait that can indicate you have a thoughtful and careful minded technician.

undefinedThorough Evaluation

A good technician will take the time to carefully think of all the facets of the issue at hand and the possible solutions. After doing so, they will take the time to explain what they found (Or may even show you) and communicate all the possibilities to resolve the issue. A good technician is never rushed and has the time for you. Also, the tech should give you a proper estimate that will not change over the course of their work (They took the time to think all things through and their price should be a solid price).

Approval To Perform The Work

Have you ever called a technician to get an estimate and then realized that they just did the work before even talking to you about what the issue was? This happens and I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel like they pushed me into paying for something. It’s like walking into the grocery store to buy a piece of meat but all the meat is in brown bags and all you can do is pay for it and hope you got the right cut for the right price. A good technician will always hear your response for what work you want performed and ask your approval to start the work at an agreed upon price.

Get ‘r Done

There is something to be said for a tech that is prepared and ready to do the job. I have seen my share of jobs started but the technician did not have the part and had to come back the following day or the tech says they have another job to do and will come back. A good technician is in the moment. He is ready to serve and is prepared for the job. His goal is to get it done in a timely manner and get your household back to normal.

Whenever you call a technician, you should be treated with a five star experience. The old adage “You get what you pay for” is usually right. And sometimes you pay more for lesser service. Why not know that the technician you hire is top grade. We hope these tips will help you evaluate in finding a great tech for needs.