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Why You Should Have Whole House Surge Protector in Your Home

Not many people think about surge protection even in this modern day of electronics. If they do, they often think of power strips. However, whole house surge protection should be at the top of the list when you are thinking of safeguarding your home from daily surges, external surges and prolonging the life of your appliances. Power strips just will not do the trick.


Today’s Modern household has more electronic devices than ever. Home appliances have built-in circuit boards that need to be protected from surges. LED bulbs contain tiny circuit boards that are sensitive to an electrical surge and now, with the push toward smart devices, we will be seeing more and more electrical equipment in the modern home. Not to mention that your computers, I- pads, and smartphones (That are plugged in) carry information that needs to be protected from a surge.


Most power surges happen from the startup of an appliance (Transient surge) or device and over time can chip away at the life of other appliances that are running. These small surges don’t cause major damage all at once but rather it is subtle. With a whole-home surge protector you can add four to seven years of life to an appliance or TV.


A whole-house surge protector’s purpose is to prevent your appliances and electronics from being damaged and to protect your home’s whole electrical system. When transient surges happen on a dedicated circuit, the surge will be sent back to the breaker panel and snuffed out which will protect all of the other electrical devices in the home. A whole-house surge protector will also protect all of your outlets. Protect your home from lightning strikes, power outages, and transient surges.

Thinking about surge protection is a must for any homeowner. The benefits far outweigh the work or even the price to get it installed. Power strips will not provide the protection you need from daily surges or external damage. Once your surge protection is in place you will be guarded against the daily in-home surges that wear down your appliances, the outside surges such as lightning strikes and you will feel assured knowing you have protected all the electrical devices in your home.

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