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When Is The Best Time To Remodel?

Most of us will say summer? Well… the spring is probably the best time to start your remodeling and then you have the summer to complete your project. In the spring and summer, you will have full use of the outdoors and longer daylight. The temperature (At least in the Seattle area) is moderate and sunny. No matter the temperature or the season; the real question is “Is this the best season for you financially?”

Pricing Materials

Material pricing will fluctuate depending on the type, season, and what your how your local store has ordered. I like to look for good deals. Habitat for Humanity or Second Use are great tools in your arsenal but remember for paint or other items it’s always good to watch for deals from your local hardware stores. So…when is the best time? When you have all your materials at budget cost and the season is right for you to take on the project.

Pay Attention to the Contractor

Sure, all contractors say that any time is the best time. They want your business and if they are honest they’ll do what it takes to earn it. However, contractors do have busy times and some cannot handle more than their share. Make sure you hire a contractor that has plenty of resources to get the job done and on time. The worst thing to do is carry a remodel project into winter or over your deadline (Unless the remaining is interior work).

Is it the season?

Depending on what your project is, the season will tell you the best time to start. If you are remodeling your furnace room, maybe the fall is the best time to head that up. If you’re remodeling your basement you may be able to use any time of the year to get your work in.

They say that timing is everything. I have to agree when it comes to a remodel project. All things have to aligned right to make a remodel project bode well. Pricing, materials, and labor have to all be present and aligned for the project to move in a forward fashion. We hope this helps!

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