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Ring Security Cameras For The Best Home Protection

So, its time to add a little protection to your home but you’re unsure just how to do it. Getting a security camera will not only give you visibility of what is happening around your home but just its presence can ward off potential danger. One of the best security cameras on the market right now is the Ring. Ring Security cameras have a number of styles priced between $200 and $250. They are armed with HD video, two-way talk, lights, and sirens. The best part is that you can watch over your home from your cell phone.

For Entire Property

The Ring has object and person detection. The Floodlight Camera has the most advanced motion sensors in home security. It has a 270-degree view that will let you detect motion around corners and can monitor all your blind spots. It has dual sensors with object and person detection, ultra-wide-angle motion sensors, custom motion zones, and scheduling. With the Ring app, you can flash the lights, sound the alarm, and zoom-in to focus on your most important areas. Lastly, the Ring has a motion-activated camera with floodlights.

Ring beats most of the competitors as being the best buy with the most protection. Ring security also comes with a solar option.

Tech Specs​​​​​​​

Hardwired -(100-240V)

Connectivity -802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz only

Wi-Fi Speeds -Requires a minimum upload speed of 1Mbps, but 2Mbps is recommended for optimal performance.

Two-way audio with noise cancellation

Video -1080P HD Video

Live View

Night Vision

Motion Detection -Custom Motion Zones

Field of View 270 Degrees

Lights -Two 3000° Kelvin floodlights

Siren -Remote-activated 110-decibel alarm

Camera Lens -Adjustable mount with 140° field-of-view

Smart zoom with panning

Mounting Base -4¾-inch (12.065-cm) diameter

Warranty -1 year on parts, lifetime purchase protection

Operating Conditions -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C)


The Ring’s Mission: To Reduce Crime in Neighborhoods

Ring is on a mission to reduce crime in neighborhoods. With affordable solutions that work on any home, Ring is committed to offering smart security that’s accessible to everyone. Ring lets you stop crime before it happens. Because with Ring, you’re always home.” -Ring.com

When looking for the best in home security, Ring is at the top of the list while maintaining affordability. Contact us to have a ring security camera installed for the protection of your home and family.

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