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Make Your Home More Modern and Eco Friendly

The world of electricity is changing and the materials associated are changing with it. With the modern movement for more Eco-friendly living spaces and small carbon footprints, we now have LED lighting, which uses only a fraction of the power compared to incandescent lamps. In addition, a Toggle switch used to be the ideal design for a wall switch. Today, however, people are not happy with just good design, they also want convenience and style. Lighting, heating, and security can all be run from an app on your phone; ran wireless, or programmed to a timer. Your home can be more modern and efficient too without extravagant costs (And think of it…a little investment can also lower your power bill).


Have you thought about changing all your light bulbs (lamps) to LEDs? How about upgrading your fixtures? Well an LED can last thirteen to thirty-five years. Compared to the standard incandescent fixture you will save yourself maintenance, money, and time. In addition, you will decrease the power output which will in turn decrease your power bill.


Standard outlets are time tested and great. But think about going for a modern look and replace them with a Decora style. OK… I know that is just for looks, but do your outside outlets have bubble covers? New electrical code asks for you to have Weather-resistant bubble covers on all outside receptacles. Another thing to do is to make sure you have GFI outlets in your kitchen and bathrooms. Although none of these items will save you money it will keep you up to code.


Switches have now become smarter and more awesome. If you want a switch to control light at both ends of a hallway, try a Pico switch (A wireless remote switch). While you’re at it throw in some smart switch with dimmers for the living room or rec room. Smart switches can be controlled from an app on your phone and programmed to react to your voice command.

These are all great ideas for a more modern, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient home.

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