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Fall And Winter Home Tips

Well, it’s now fall and we’re getting into the coldest season of the year. It’s a time for entertaining guests and family, for staying indoors and for keeping warm. Preparing your home for the cold weather doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few tips that will help.

Water Heater

Check your water heater. Your water heater should be running effectively, so there will be hot water for showering, washing your hands and washing dishes. Before the cold weather comes, inspect the tank for any corrosion or rust. Check all the valves and pipes for holes, leaks and cracks.


Have an inspection to see if your heater is working correctly through the all the ducts in your home, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen and bathroom is where people spend most of their time. Change your air filters and check the ducts for any debris or mold.

Plumbing Pipes

Avoid frozen pipes by making sure they are well insulated. The pipe insulation inside your walls should also be protected. Keeping your house heated will help protect these pipes. Additional insulation around your pipes will not hurt.

** Warm Tip**

Reversing and using your ceiling fans in fall and winter will help to reduce your heating bill. Heat always rises if you put your fan in reverse and at a low speed, it will push all the warm air back into the room.

Staying warm through the colder seasons are taking for granted until we are left with the cold either by a failing water heater, faulty furnace or cracked pipe. These three items can make or break the season for some of us. It’s always a good practice to get these checked out before the cold comes. Stay warm, stay dry and enjoy this season with family and friends.

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