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A Receptacle for Every Occasion

We don’t often think about what types of receptacles there are out there. However, there are many styles to suit your needs. Whether you need tamper-resistant to childproof your home or if you desire a hidden access receptacle with USB ports for a study. Below I will give a quick description of the styles and types of receptacles available for your home.


This is the traditional round duplex style receptacle for standard use.


This can be a standard or GFCI receptacle that carries the modern square box style.

Tamper Resistant

The Tamper resistant has special tabs inside the outlet that does not allow objects to be plugged into it.

This is quickly becoming the standard for receptacles and is great for childproofing your home.


Many know this receptacle is put in places where there is water, like the kitchen and bathroom. If the receptacle senses a shift in current it will shut off.


This receptacle protects you from both electrical fires created by electric shock and arc faults.

Weather Resistant

Weather Resistant GFCI Receptacles are built especially for outdoors and moisture. Every exterior receptacle on your home should be weather resistant with a bubble cover.

Floor Box

The standard floor box receptacle is for special plugin floor locations. It’s built-in strong brass and recessed.

Pop Up Floor Box

The Pop up Floor Box is great for a study or an area where you want to conceal the receptacle after use.

USB Port

The USB Port receptacle allows you to charge an I-pad, laptop, or smartphone while also powering your appliances.

Well, there you go! A receptacle for every type of situation. I hope this will help to give you a broader understanding of their uses and open you up to the possibilities for your desired uses in your home.

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